Meet the Team

Meet the Executives

Richard Sohanta

Richard is the guy who gets stuff done! Or what we also like to refer to as having to deal with all the project management and delivery cycle.

Richard is a rare breed of project and programme manager that can actually deliver on time and cost, while also working on multiple delivery streams.

Having obtained a degree in Computer Science he furthered his career working within a leading service delivery initiative with high-risk amounts Serco Group. This aptitude for doing what is right by customer meant that he was given the opportunity to be mentored by David Murray Hundley (Not something that was agreed by David). His first mentor lesson was in an Irish pub where he was told very clearly that the mentor programme is over 18months but you’re expected to nail it in 3months. In the first six months of his role Richard delivered the Business Link UK Infrastructure re-alignment project and managed the first Disaster Recovery exercise for the client.

Richards first exposure of working with a business start-up was Drinksin where worked alongside David Murray-Hundley. At Drinksin he was asked to manage 'delivery for drinksin'. Here he quickly realised the realism of working in a start-up having to stretch every pound as far as it can go, to ensure there is a passion and zeal within his team to focus clearly on the goal ahead. Drinksin in 2010 successfully partnered with 'Nokia', 'Sky' and 'Phones 4 U' to launch a World Cup pub finder app and was nominated for the SMARTA 100 Business Start Up of the year award.

Sukh Hayre

I am yet to read all the documents and websites that everyone else stops reading on page 2.

Love to create – just not very good at it.

Spent many a happy hour in happy hours, which naturally lead to the co-founding of Drinks 4-You.

Come from a six year background in corporate IT Consultancy helping organisations implement enterprise level solutions. First established an internet business in 1997 BG (before Google), hid out at university whilst the dotcom bubble burst, undertook a quasi philanthropic effort in recycling PC’s and giving them a new home with school children in East Africa, and then began the professional career.

Now spend my days tackling fresh challenges, love a debate about anything and everything, always have an opinion and happy to share them with anyone you will listen.

Tomas McGuinness

Tom is the chief dev guy at Drinks4You, working hard to make mobile loyalty and payments easy for everyone! With more years programming than he'd care to mention, Tom has written software for wide range of industries including telecoms, healthcare, investment banking and more telecoms.

Tom has always been creative and was never happier as a child when he has scissors, unlimited sellotape and cardboard. From Thunderbirds models, to Robocop fancy dress costumes to a child sized replica of the Pod from InnerSpace, Tom has always been building stuff. He even made some money selling replica's of the Proton Packs from Ghostbusters! At the age of 8 he started writing QBasic software on a rather obscure Japanese computer. At 20 he developed a WAP (remember that?) application that allowed people to check train schedules. For his final year project he developed a control system for an autonomous submersible.

After completing a degree in Physics, another passion, Tom got his first job at the telecoms company CMG. It was there that he really cut his teeth with the mother of all programming languages, C. From CMG Tom has worked for several companies, large and small. Tom has also tried his hand at launching his own applications. The first, Caffeine Club, was a six month labour of love that was a complete disaster. Not to be deterred, he did it again with the travel application I May Be Late. This was also a disaster. Scaling things back he wrote an iPhone app in one week and, to his amazement, it turned out to be something people want.

With Drinks4You, Tom is bringing his focus and experience to bear on loyalty and mobile payments in the drinks space and is quite excited to be part of the next wave of consumer focused technology!