The Executive Team

Meet the Grafters

David Murray-Hundley

David, “The Grumpy Entrepreneur”, was involved in early start-ups and first of type internet companies during the 90s with the likes of Intelisys a B2B supply chain company in partnership with Chase Manhattan bank as well as BVR and the Barclays partnership.

David was fortunate to work (and be number 3) for EMEA for the NASDAQ darling of the dotcom boom, Commerce One, which hit a market capitalization of $22bn.

Four years ago David founded NHS social enterprise, Adaro Red and co-founded Pario Ventures. David is still involved with both of these today and recently acquired Commerce One UK.

David holds a number of advisory roles with start-ups and is a mentor for the Fintech accelerator Level 39, and also a mentor and steering group for the Bathtub to Boardroom charity accelerator.

David has been awarded LinkedIn European Business Leader of the Year, Smarta 100 Winner and Techworld Winner.

David is also a proud fellow of the Animal Health Trusts, who's president is HRH Princess Royal.

Kevin Doyle

Kevin's involvement in successful ventures has generally been with 'firsts' in the market. Including the first "off the shelf" VAT reclaim software in 1994, the first B2B e-procurement solution in 1996 which resulted in the business being acquired by Chase Manhattan bank and the first OBI (Open Buying on the Internet) compliant Business 2Business solution in 1997.

In 1998 Kevin established a company that specialised in solving complex integration issues for companies providing B2B software. This company became a lead partner to Microsoft's European CIP strategy by the following year and was subsequently acquired by Infobank. Kevin was the second largest private shareholder in the business that became the fastest growing technology company on the Stock exchange and reached a market cap of £2.4 billion.

In March 2000 Kevin established a private investment business. With this venture he is now helping the group to identify promising and interesting opportunities that are complimentary to the existing portfolio and focus on simplifying supply chains using both technology and services.

Kevin Doyle, Non-Executive Director, is the founder and chairman of a Belgian private investment group and has 25 years leading experience developing and companies across multiple verticals. Kevin's investment strategy has been centered on initiating new ventures led by new software products & services in existing and often in groundbreaking technology markets. He is extremely adept in recognizing and even creating emerging markets and successfully translating these ideas into profitable businesses. His group is actively involved in both seed and series A round funding.

Jacques De Mevius

Jacques de Mevius is part of the eighth generation family ownership of global brewing and beverage group Anheuser-Busch InBev, the number one brewing business in the world, since Inbev bought Anheuser-bush for an amount close to 50 billion dollars. Jacques is also a member of the family holding company EPS and a member of the board and shareholder of Sebastien Holding SA a subsidiary of EPS.

In 1990 Jacques founded a private venture fund which focused on high quality property and real estate and since 2009 Jacques has been a member and shareholder of BAMS II Angels Fund which is an early-stage investment fund organisation focused on investment rounds between EUR 1 and 4 million. The target size of BAMS Angels Fund II is upwards of EUR 20 million.

BAMS Angels Fund combines the best of Belgian institutional venture capital groups and individual "angel" investors. It aims to cover the equity gap faced by most promising start-up companies on their path towards profitable growth. The Fund has the resources, knowledge, experience and agility to respond to the financial and management needs of those companies, and to work side-by-side with them towards the achievement of successful exits.

Jacques' investments have always tried to be concentrated in areas that have an environmental and social positive impact. For instance, in 2007, Jacques became a significant shareholder of DIWOOD, a Belgian company, founded in Brussels in 1999. This company intervenes in the energetic valorisation of the biomass. With its engineering partners it provides turnkey solutions for wood pelleting factories considering the entire value chain from raw material intakes to pellets bagging. DIWOOD's mission is to promote the use of local biomass to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and have a positive contribution against global warming.

In India, Jacques is a significant shareholder of "Tarahaat", a network of franchised telecentre projects and "Tara Machines and Technical Services Private Ltd" which markets green technology solutions for building construction, waste recycling and handmade paper production.