Converting Facebook “likes” into Loyalty Cards
for the drinks industry.

Supports Apple Passbook ®, Android ® and Samsung Wallet ®

Create, Market, Sell, Redeem & Pay

#1 Create a Loyalty Card

Create a loyalty card using our designer. Choose the colours you want and include your own images too.

Put your venue on the map, so your customers can check-in when they are there. Customers will also be notified of offers when they are nearby your venue.

#2 Add to Facebook

Your customers can download the loyalty card from your Facebook page onto their smartphone.

All your customers need to do is ‘like’ your facebook page in order to receive the card. Its that easy.

#3 Monitor the engagement of your customers

See how many people are downloading your loyalty card and how many times they are checking-in at your venue. Using the Facebook demographic information, you can see which of your customers are the most loyal and reward them!

Why should you choose Drinks4You

Leave your wallet at home

Analytics & Monitoring

What's Coming Next?

How much does it cost?

What happens if a customer redeems the card 30 times in one month, do I get charged for those 30 times?

No, you do not. A customer can redeem the card unlimited times in the month of they wish to at your bar but we only count the first time during that month.

Can I get reports that you do not provide as standard?

Yes, although we are continually adding functionality so the chances are the report will be available at some point. Please ask.

How is card redeemed?

You can either scan the card on the customers phone or they will simply receive a notification and in one click check in.

Can I integrate with my deal platforms such as Groupon that I already use?

Yes you can.

Do I need to re-train all my staff and will it cost me money to train them?

Most pubs and brands are electing to have one person responsible for the system. Training usually takes around 30mins.

Do I get charged for sending deals and offers out to users within my monthly fee?

No, there are no further charges or % of your deals. Nice and simple.

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